The optimization of product quality and Galactomannan yield in Guar gum manufacturing is a challenging task. Viscolloids utilizes several innovative mechanisms at various stages to achieve these objectives. The present production method of guar gum involves a minimum of 5 stages of purification at varying process lengths. Although this extends the residence and manufacturing time, it ensures a 2-8% higher yield in the end product by significantly reducing impurities, such as ash, air, dust, and protein, to levels well below globally accepted limits.

To maintain a high level of sterility, our Packout Area undergoes regular emptying and fumigation processes.

  • Viscolloids takes pride in declaring that none of its products contain any harmful chemicals. In addition, Viscolloids adheres strictly to its principles, as governed by its certifications. The company has a Zero Waste Policy in place, which means that there is no waste product to dispose of. All byproducts of Viscolloids are utilized extensively due to their high nutritional value.
  • The manufacturing unit at Viscolloids is equipped with a state-of-the-art fully automated grid, where all machines are interconnected with each other in real-time to exchange essential data, minimizing human involvement and the risk of contamination. With the exception of the dumping of seeds, no manpower is utilized throughout the process, ensuring safe and uncontaminated products.