Viscolloids operates in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner, and we do so transparently.

Viscolloids industries grows and processes Guar in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the main producers of the world’s total production of Guar Gum. The present production depends on how many Indian/Pakistan farmers who own small to medium size farms (five to 250 acres) decide to grow guar as their main crop. These farmers rely on the monsoon season and traditional farming practices. They get very little help from the government. These challenges often lead to low productivity.

Viscolloids aims to introduce modern methodologies, including satellite based reconnaissance imagery and weather forecasting combined with managed fertilization and pest controls along with regimented irrigation and mechanical harvesting in order to regulate, standardize and maximize land use for best practice growing optimization. With modern inputs the company believes that yields and quality will increase dramatically and lead to a stable and profitable industry sector offering sustainable growth opportunities.

To develop the whole chain from farmer to end customer is the aim of Viscolloids. With this fair trade policy we will export our products to America, Europe, South Africa, Far east China, Middle East and other countries around the world

Fair Trade is a way to change their story. Our Knowledge Centers will empower women, not only through labor protections required by the Fair Trade standards, but also through opportunities for education, scholarships, leadership roles, and micro-finance programs. Our Knowledge Centers gives women a voice in a sector where many are invisible.