Our Knowledge Centers advocates a vision of raise awareness, create knowledge and inspire people to action in the field of fairtrade, education, healthcare, environmental issue and green innovation projects.

The Centre does not work alone, but as part of a wide range of partnerships and forums. The first two Knowledge Centres will be located in Khyber Pakhtunwa, Pakistan near the first Guar factory and in Punjab Province located close to the Guar farmers community.

Our Knowledge Centers are and will be build as a local evidence of the pride and passion of the nation and their culture. Every Center can accommodate a minimum of 40 to 50 seats and are equipped with an audio-visual system and wireless connection. It is available for a fair price rent to anyone, whether a private individual, non-profit organization, or corporation.

As said the focus of the centre is on fairtrade, green innovation, environmental information, education, healthcare and activity. Its goals reflect the goals of Viscolloids Pvt Ltd Pakistan: Raise awareness, create knowledge about Fairtrade, a green environment & green innovation, and inspire people to action

Fairtrade farmerViscolloids experts on the ground will train farmers and show how sustainable farming practices can be implemented in a practical way. Close to our Knowledge Centers we will have demonstration land – farms. By comparing the crops grown on the demonstration land with those grown under normal circumstances, the farmers can quickly recognize the benefits of sustainable methods.

Seed management is a prior focus of our Knowledge Center and Viscolloids. With training, farmers learn how to identify healthy, quality guar seeds and how to secure, harvest and store them for the next year’s crop.

Another prior focus is land preparation and sowing techniques. We train farmers healthy soil habits and line sowing methods which increase the chance of germination.