Viscolloids is based on Bio innovation. Our Viscolloids Research & Development team performs in-depth research about Guar by scientifically analyzing the products specifications, new products trials and technologies and its widespread uses.

The team is qualified, well equipped and experienced. It keeps up with technological trends and product innovations and intensive research, which is essential to provide our costumers of a consequent high quality product.

  • As a bio-innovation industry, Viscolloids places great importance on the success of our R&D department.
  • At Viscolloids, we maintain our integrity by continuously synthesizing and analyzing new products in our state-of-the-art laboratory. This allows us to constantly improve our products' efficacy and better meet our customers' needs.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced R&D team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is constantly researching and keeping up with technological trends and product innovations. This has allowed Viscolloids to unlock the potential of hydrocolloid blends and derivatives, which is now our primary focus.

Capabilities of Viscolloids R&D

  • Hydrocolloids show promising results in terms of hydration rate, thickening property, viscosity, stability, pasting property, gelling property, and conditioning property when synthesized into derivatives.
  • Our advanced product scouring method enables the utilization of hydrocolloid derivatives in sensitive industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, blending hydrocolloids and/or derivatives has allowed us to explore and utilize their properties effectively, catering to our customers' specific needs.
  • Viscolloids prioritizes the implementation of a quality assurance (QA) process that includes planning, documentation, and agreement on necessary guidelines to guarantee our products' highest quality. Our QA adheres to industry and company standards, as well as software specifications. This proactive management approach ensures that our Guar products maintain the highest level of quality.