Our company philosophy is concisely expressed in a single phrase

We lead, and others follow


Viscolloids intends to become one of the leading Guar Gum suppliers in the industry, with a strong presence on both the domestic and international fronts. Our fairtrade principles enable us to become reliable and trustworthy partners for local farmers and global industry.


Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Ltd delivers high-quality Guar Gum based raw material (Guar Gum Powder-Split-Meal,) to different local and international industries

Message From Chief Executive

I am delighted to convey my views in light of my 32 years of experience in different industries, which has enabled me to manage businesses successfully. Under strict quality controls, Viscolloids manufactures various grades of Guar Gum Powder using high-tech and cost-effective techniques. With Fast-Hydrating Guar Gum Powder, we exceed expectations and always tailor it to the customer’s needs.

We build our reputation on meeting our customers’ specific requirements, on timely deliveries, and on fair pricing

We have the ambition to lead in at least five Biotech industries including:

  • Guar Gum (currently in operation by Viscolloids)
  • Corn Starch
  • Potato Starch
  • Rice Starch
  • Innovative Value-Added Emulsifier

Gulzar Shah Mashwani

Chief Executive

What makes us different?

  • Viscolloids is the foremost agro-based green industry in Pakistan, adhering to international standards such as Fair-trade, People-Planet-Profit, Health, Safety, and Environment. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is equipped with cutting-edge technologies of the modern era.
  • Viscolloids operates a Guar Gum Powder manufacturing plant, producing 100% natural Guar Gum for utilization as a raw material in over 100 other industries. We have the capability to meet any specific product requirements with prompt services and a fair pricing model.
  • Viscolloids was molded for bio innovation
  • Viscolloids has been dedicatedly working on enhancing its technology for two decades to provide optimal products.
  • Viscolloids has conducted a thorough evaluation of Guar's structural chemistry, conducted by a team of highly qualified professionals.
  • Our organization synthesizes products to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions.
  • Our organization is dedicated to pursuing excellence in both quality standards and innovative leadership.
  • Viscolloids is a fully export-oriented industry, catering to various developed nations across the globe, including America, Europe, South Africa, Far East China, and the Middle East.