Our Knowledge Centers advocates a vision of raising awareness, creating knowledge, and inspiring people to action in the field of fairtrade, education, healthcare, environmental issue,s and green innovation projects.

Our Knowledge Centers were established by Viscolloids Pvt Ltd Pakistan in 2016 as a meeting place for fair trade, environmental information, knowledge with the goal of increasing awareness and local knowledge about the relationship between the environment, sustainable development and local action. Through educational programmes and other activities, and by providing a common forum for the coordination and dissemination of knowledge, the centre aims to:

  • Raise awareness of fairtrade and environmental issues within all sections of the Viscolloids community
  • Encourage active participation by individuals and organisations in environmental projects;
  • Promote change towards a more sustainable future.

The focus of the center is on fairtrade, green innovation, environmental information, education, healthcare, and activity. Its goals reflect the goals of Viscolloids Pvt Ltd Pakistan: Raise awareness, create knowledge about Fairetrade, green environment & innovation, and inspire people to action.