Our Knowledge Centers contributes to local, national and international development cooperation by

  • Collecting and disseminating information and views (both practical and academic) regarding fairtrade and environmetal issues
  • Stimulating reflection on the meaning of fairtrade and environmental issues
  • Developing and offering methodologies for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of policies with a greater focus on fairtrade and environmental issues.
  • Delivering a well-informed contribution to the public and political debate about the meaning of fairtrade and environmental issues in the public domain.
  • Delivering a practical contribution to education and healthcare in local communities involved in Guar trade.

The management board Viscolloids must look at the continuity and devlopment of  the Knowledge Centers after 2016. But the Knowledge Centers can rely on its own unique expertise and knowledge (both practical and academic) to ensure its continuity by providing trainings and courses in the field of fairtrade, environmental issues, healthcare and education.