VISCOLLOIDS Industries Pvt Ltd’s SEDEX certification is a testament to the company’s commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. As a SEDEX certified company, VISCOLLOIDS has undergone a rigorous audit process to ensure that its operations meet global ethical and social standards. This includes ensuring fair labor practices and safe working conditions for its employees, as well as responsible environmental management and business ethics. By achieving SEDEX certification, VISCOLLOIDS demonstrates its dedication to accountability, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects of its operations. This certification also gives the company a competitive edge in the global marketplace, as more and more companies are demanding that their suppliers adhere to ethical and socially responsible standards. Overall, VISCOLLOIDS’ SEDEX certification is a testament to its commitment to doing business in a responsible and sustainable way, and to being a leader in ethical business practices.

We live in a world in which differences emerge sharply at various levels, from local to transnational. People have different views on development, values, and the good life. Clashing civilizations claims to absolute truth, transnational movements, and threatening scarcities further complicate this challenge.

Development fairtrade, education, healthcare and awareness on environmental issues is aimed at transforming a society with a view to human dignity and ecological sustainability. Explicit and implicit views on what constitutes the good life determine what transformation is deemed desirable.

Viscolloids base their business activities along the ‘triple bottom line – people, planet and profit’. Viscolloids  not only concerned with their financial returns but also take care about the people we affect. In short, our company will look after not only our shareholders but it’s stakeholders too.

Our Knowledge Centers seeks to establish good relations with company related communities. Low Profile but very professional Knowledge Centres will give member of the local community access to our ‘triple bottom line – people, planet and profit’. Things related to fairtrade and environmental information, education and healthcare etc.

Fairtrade farmerHolders of knowledge and experience regarding our ‘triple bottom line – people, planet and profit’ such as Western development workers, embassies, community-based organizations and academic researchers, will be invited to participate.

The youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders in fairtrade, environmental issues, education and healthcare. They are one of our focus target groups in the local communities. Their passion is invaluable to the future of environmental issues and fairtrade. We want to ensure their success with the enhancement of knowledge and opportunities made available to them.

Another focusgroup are woman. According to several sources, women constitute half of the world’s population, perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours, produce half of the world’s food, and yet only receive one-tenth of the world’s income. Women own just a tiny fraction of the world’s property, and represent about seventy percent of the world’s poor – meaning nearly two out of every three adults living in poverty are women.

Carrying an uneven burden of the world’s poverty, women often face unequal treatment, discrimination, and harassment in many agricultural communities and garment factories across the globe.

Fair Trade is a way to change their story. Our Knowledge Centers will empower women, not only through labor protections required by the Fair Trade standards, but also through opportunities for education, scholarships, leadership roles, and micro-finance programs. Our Knowledge Centers gives women a voice in a sector where many are invisible.

Education and mentoring are vital elements of our programs and participants are encouraged to seek assistance and guidance from Viscolloids Knowledge Centers staff. We are here to be a resource and to connect them all to resources within the field.

For more information contact:

FTDO John Tamerus
(Fair Trade Development Officer)
Viscolloids Pvt. Ltd & Viscolloids EU
Mobile phone +31625045465